Why bloggers should use Pinterest

As of 2018, Pinterest stood 3rd in most popular social media sites after Facebook and Twitter. It had 250 million registered users, 70% of whom are women. Bloggers use social media platforms for various reasons, including to get traffic to their sites. While they can choose to use all platforms for better results, Pinterest offers a higher chance for positive results. So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that connects people worldwide when they ‘pin’ images on things, places, and people that interest them. Every user has virtual boards where they pin these images, and other users can see, like, and ‘repin.’ You can have as many categories of pins as you like. The more the pins, the more people you get to interact with.


Why is Pinterest important for bloggers?

1.    Great source of trafffic for their blog

One of the main points of blogging is to share your content with as many people as possible. However, finding followers for your blog can frustrate you, especially if you are starting. With Pinterest, you can pin images on your board that directly link back to your site. This way, whenever anyone clicks on them, they end up on your blog. Thus, the more people visit your blog, the more traffic you get, and eventually, the more following you gather.

2.    Brand awareness

If your blog is also your business, then Pinterest can help you with brand awareness. Whenever the people visiting your link from Pinterest like your products or services, they can easily repin these images for others to see. The more repins, the wider the net of exposure. Since Pinterest links people explicitly with similar interests together, getting more people to know about you will take a shorter time.

3.    Images enhance the outlook of your blog

Using images in your blog makes it look more professional and appealing to the eyes. Since people are now busier, leading a fast-paced life, they are more likely to interact better with images than long texts. Putting high-quality Pinterest images in your blog posts helps with user interaction and follower retention. Pictures also help clarify the content you put in text form.


4.    Gives you inspiration

Whether your blog is about business, lifestyle, the law, or just entertainment, it is safe to say that sometimes the creative well runs dry. All content creators face writer’s block and lack of motivation occasionally. Pinterest can significantly help inspiration when you find yourself in a mental go-slow. By browsing through the numerous images, your brain can quickly formulate an idea that you can turn into a new blog post.

5.    Network building

Pinterest, like all social media platforms, can help you build potentially useful networks. Most of the pins you will see will be about concepts similar to what you write about. You will get people checking out your pins while you check out theirs as well. Amidst this interaction, you will definitely find a few people who share similar ideas and even businesses like you. You can then build networks with them and even end up as friends or business partners.

6.    Longer user engagement

Lastly, Pinterest offers bloggers the advantage of extended user engagements compared to other platforms. The pins on your boards last longer and appear often than posts on Facebook or Twitter. So when someone visits your board, they can easily access pins from long ago without much scrolling. You, therefore, do not have to worry about your content disappearing so often.

So if you are not using Pinterest for your blog, you are seriously missing out on some serious traffic and sales. Not sure if you are quite ready for Pinterest, or does Pinterest confuse you? Want to learn more about developing a Pinterest strategy or need to optimize your account, then sign up for the monthly newsletter to receive tips and news directly in your inbox. Sign up now!

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