Marketing on Pinterest is a must for just about every type of business if your selling goods or services. Why? Because Pinterest is a search engine, much like Google, many consumers take to the platform to research before purchasing. Not only that, but according to Pinterest, the person with the purchasing power is usually the one utilizing Pinterest.

So as a business, one cannot afford not to be on Pinterest. If you want a part of Pinterest’s traffic, then you need to be on the platform and show up. Not many businesses understand the ever-changing algorithms, and that’s fine. Trust me; there are people who are there to help you. So want can a Pinterest Strategist do for your business? I can help you develop a strategy for your business that focuses on getting increasing your monthly views and clickthroughs. What do views and clickthroughs do for your business? Well, they direct potential buyers where they need to go: website and your services.

You might think that you cannot afford Pinterest services; trust me, you cannot afford not to be on Pinterest.

So are you ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level? Then click below.


Many businesses sometimes find themselves in a situation where they need to outsource their calls. Maybe the volume of calls is too high, or perhaps staffing and hours are barriers. Sure, menus and automated systems are great, but sometimes your clients need to speak with a human that is available right now! Don’t miss out on potential clients or lose current clients because “you were not there.” Let me and my team help be that the perfect little piece to be there when you cannot.

Our agents are experienced and friendly. Whether you need just one agent or a team of agents, we can fulfill your needs.

So stop letting your calls go to voicemail or worse the caller abandoning the call altogether, and contact us today.

Call Center:

Inbound & Outbound Calls

Expert call center agents that are able to handle both inbound and outbound calls.

**Pricing for outbound and inbound calls vary**

Chat Support

Flexible and friendly agents to provide your clients with knowledge based chat support.

**Pricing varies depending on support type**

Email Support

Not all support is live and sometimes your clients reach out to via email. Our agents can respond on your behalf.

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