Make no mistake; your business needs a blog.


Let’s face it; some of us are not great writers. We struggled through high school, college, and even graduate school. We thought that we had all but left those days of writing behind us, and then someone mentions that word. You know the word BLOGGING. The thought of blogging or even starting a blog is nerve-wracking for some of us, so we tend to ignore starting a blog. And that’s perfectly fine unless you are a business owner.  

You might be thinking, “my business doesn’t need a blog.” Welp, sorry to tell you that you are wrong. Trust me; I’ve been there. Said the same thing, my business doesn’t need a blog. What does a blog have to do with business? I tried every trick and presented every excuse, but I kept running into the same issues, no traffic to my website, and little engagement on social media. I know you are probably thinking, “what does blogging have to do with web traffic and social media engagement?” Well, my friend, quite a bit actually. There are many ways that businesses of any size can benefit from having a blog. Still not convinced, well keep reading because below, I will outline some of the significant reasons a blog is needed for your business and how that blog can help drive traffic.

Brand Awareness

Sure, if you are Pepsi, Facebook, or any other major brand, you‘re probably not worried about brand awareness, because just about everyone knows who you are. But for the rest of us, we need to get the word out and let people know that our businesses exist. What better way to build a following these days than social media. Sure, blogs are not exactly social media, but people on social media share blog posts. I can not tell you how many times I am on Facebook and someone shares an article with a catchy title and cool art, the next thing I know I am reading that article and checking out the site owners’ blog. And I am going to let you in a little secret; you can share your own blog post on your own social media channels. You’re welcome.

So if you are serious about getting your name out there and creating awareness of your business, posting on social media is not going to do it alone. You need a sound strategy, and blogging about your industry should be a part of that strategy.

Customer Insight

This is a huge one because you want people to buy or use your services. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of people are not going to buy something because it’s a great deal but instead will invest in services that they need. Although there are some consumers out there that buy things on a whim, most people put a lot of thought into where they spend their money. If I am investing in something whether it is a one time purchase or a subscription, my main concerns are:

1) Am I getting something out of this, i.e., what can this product or service do for me and

2) Is this a good investment? So how does blogging fit in with this?

3) Is this a good investment? So how does blogging fit in with this?

Well, if you write articles about your products, services, or industry, then you can utilize analytics to see which of your blog posts generate the most traffic. Along with comments on your blog, analytics can help you get a grasp on which services your clients are interested in and which they are not. Having insight into what consumers want is probably the single most important part of any business model. When you get right down to it, you want to create products or services that consumers want and need.

Personalization of Brand/Business

Another area of your business that blogging can help you with is personalization. Not personalization in terms of how it looks, but your writing style. Some bloggers are serious, some technical, some witty, or others (probably me) all over the place. But your blog’s style of writing establishes your brand and how you and your brand are seen. If your blog focuses on current trends in freelancing and your writing is funny but loaded with tips, then that is how your audience will see you.

By developing and consistently following a style, you increase your chance of resonating with people, who hopefully will become repeat consumers of your business and blog. When you develop the style and tone of your blog, you separate yourself from other bloggers by having a style that is exclusive of your business. And while other blogs may have a similar strategy, keeping your style consistent will help develop and establish your brand.

Bring in leads

Let’s be honest; we are in business to make money. We can offer products or services that consumers want, so we showcase our skills and join the ranks of other companies. But you can’t make money without clients. Say it louder for the people in the back. Products do not sell themselves, and it is not a make it, and they will come type of scenario. So if you want a profitable business, then you need clients.

To get clients, you need to make products or have services that people want. People are not just going to buy from you just because. You need to give them a reason to buy from you. By blogging, you can create brand awareness and get insight into what your clients like.

All of these steps can help generate leads through your blog. How? Well, if you offer tips about industry standards, you can create a worksheet or other type of document and offer it as a free download expanding on those tips mentioned in your blog. So you have not only established yourself as an expert by blogging about tips, but you have also offered additional tips that consumers want. When these consumers need help in the future, they will remember who give them tips before and in their eyes, that makes you an established authority on the subject, so they are coming to you for help.

Establish your authority

If you are a business owner, you are probably calling all the shots. Hey, if you have employees, they know you are the boss, but the rest of us don’t. One way to build your brand is by establishing your authority.

People want to know that the company they are buying from knows their product and the industry. I don’t go to the grocery store for an eye exam, and I also don’t go just anywhere for my eye exams. My eyes and their health are precious to me, so I want an expert. The same thing with your potential clients; they want to know that you know your business and industry standards. I can tell a potential client all day that I am a social media expert, but if I do not have proof in terms of client work, then I can establish my expertise by blogging about social media. My blog can focus on tips, trends, or ways to increase engagement on social media. So, I might not necessarily have proof if I am a newbie, but I can establish my authority through blogging about trends in social media.

Goggle loves Blogs

The last reason to start a blog for your business is Google. Yes, Google. If you are considering blogging or have a website, then you have come across terms like ranking and SEO. I am not going to go into either of those terms in this post, but they are essential in terms of how high your website ranks. I recently read an article (yep on Facebook) that Google loves blogs. The reasoning presented is that Google likes fresh content.

Think about it for a second; how often do you update the information on your website? Hardly ever. Sure, you might change your theme or the layout, but your content pretty much stays the same. But if you have a blog, and you are adding articles, then you are updating your content. Websites with fresh content tend to rank higher on Google search and who doesn’t want that. The higher you rank in the Google search, the more likely you are to be found by potential clients. You might not think that you have time to start and maintain a blog, but you do. For Google, you don’t even have to update your blog every week; Google will settle for monthly.

There you go, one blog article per month to get you started, and once you begin to feel comfortable, you can start updating more if you like. The goal is to get your website on the front page of results instead of the second or third. Because let’s face, how often do we go to the second or third page when using a search engine.

Hey, I get it, blogging is scary. I thought the same thing and drugged my feet for months about starting one. But eventually, I realized that the benefits outweighed my resistance. I am two articles into my blog, and I have noticed increased traffic to my site.

I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, and my blog articles have increased both my engagement and impressions since last month. I really thought that I did not have the time or ideas to come up with topics. But here I am again with another article on my way to filling up my blog and Pinterest boards. There really is no excuse as to why, as a business owner that you should not have a blog. Hey, if you don’t want to write the articles, outsource the task. There are many virtual assistants that specialize in blog writing.

Trust me; a blog can only enhance your business by bringing awareness of how you are and what you do. In, the end that’s kind of the plan so that people will buy your services. So go out there, you brave little soul. Start your blog to bring brand awareness, gain consumer insight, help you personalize your brand, bring in leads, establish your authority, and, most important of all, make Google love your site.

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