Hello! I am Shaneka, the owner and founder of McGhee Virtual. I am an OBM working with female business owners to make their dreams a reality. I help them grow and scale through strategic planning and advising. Passionate about women's empowerment and autonomy, I empower female business owners to build profitable companies committed to the highest standards of excellence. Contact me today!


Katie A


What stood out with Shaneka was her fierce work ethic. Management would utilize her for different projects and often switch her from one task to the next. She not only transitioned smoothly to what she was assigned to but completely dominated at each role. She works well with following up on every problem, ensuring it is taken care of by the end of the day. The drive I see in her each day is incredible; she can handle absolutely everything given to her.

Sarah Ratliff

CEO, Coqui Prose

My experience working with Shaneka was great. She was professional, followed directions, asked appropriate questions for clarification, and she worked well both independently and as part of the team.

Lorin Cumberbatch

CEO, Skin Studio 22

I just want to say that I truly appreciate Shaneka. She was extremely kind, quick, and to the point. I will be back!


Marketing Director, Better Her Health

Great experience Shaneka was very kind, helpful responsive and cooperative. Definitely a 5 star service. Thank you for all your help everything looks amazing! I will definitely book again soon.


CEO, Minerva May Treasures

I like that Shaneka wants to be very clear on the details of the project. She kept in contact with me and made sure to get approval before proceeding. I am a repeat client. She and her team keep the lines of communication open, and stays committed to their time schedule. The quality of their work keeps me coming back.

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