Shaneka McGhee

Pinterest Manager

Hello! I am Shaneka, and I am the owner of McGhee Virtual, LLC. I have a Bachelors degree in Human Services/ Management and a Masters in Forensic Psychology. I worked in the retail management sector while completing my education and then moved to the healthcare sector, where I have been employed for the last five years. I started my own business almost a year ago, and I love being an entrepreneur and helping other business owners.


I remember when I first entered the virtual entrepreneur field, I was all over the place, lol. Everything sounded good to specialize in and offer as a service. Well, I learned pretty fast and the hard way, just because something seems easy and you heard of it, does not mean you can do it. Lesson learned. Or shall I say lessons learned?


After several wake-up calls, I decided to get some training under my belt and discovered that the one thing that I really love to do is Pinterest! Which I have to admit is a little weird. Because before that, I thought Pinterest was confusing and not useful at all. Boy was I wrong, and I am so happy that I got the training and started experimenting with the platform.


Pinterest is not easy, and with my own account, I was able to see the ups and downs that accounts experience as a result of algorithm changes. But I also learned that it is possible to bounce back from algorithm changes, as long as you follow the rules and have a simple strategy.


What stood out with Shaneka was her fierce work ethic. Management would utilize her for different projects and often switch her from one task to the next. She not only transitioned smoothly to what she was assigned to but completely dominated at each role. She works well with following up on every problem, ensuring it is taken care of by the end of the day. The drive I see in her each day is incredible; she can handle absolutely everything given to her.
Katie A.
Clinical Specialist, Meridian
My experience working with Shaneka was great. She was professional, followed directions, asked appropriate questions for clarification, and she worked well both independently and as part of the team.
Sarah Ratliff
CEO; Coqui Prose
I just want to say that I truly appreciate Shaneka. She was extremely kind, quick, and to the point. I will be back!
Lorin Cumberbatch
CEO, Skin Studio 22

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